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  • Campers will not have access to electricity, freshwater hookups, or sewer hookups for the duration of their stay.​

  • Campsites are available on a first-come-first-served.

  • RV rate is $25.00 per campsite per night for a maximum of 4 people, $10.00 per additional person per site.

  • An Additional second vehicle is $10.00 per night, per site.

  • Tent + One car $15.00 maximum of 4 people.

  • Campers will not have access to electricity or sewer hookups.

  • An attendant will collect the fee during the day.

  • Please drive slowly for everyone's safety Speed limit is 5 km


  • Pets are welcome at the campground. However, management reserve the right to refuse access to any animal that is considered aggressive, noisy or dangerous.

  • Please always have your pet on a leash and do not leave your pet alone or unattended outside your trailer.

  • Each owner is responsible for the actions of their pet and owners must pick up their pet’s liter.

  • For you and your pet’s safety, DO NOT leave your pets at night outside the RV or the tent as it may attract wild animals to your space.

  • Do not leave pet food at night outside your tent or RV as it may attract wildlife.

Camp Fire Restrictions

  • NO personal fire pit allows at the campground.

  • At no time is fire to be left unattended

  • Fire flame is NOT allowed more than one foot high

  • Keep a bucket of at least eight liters of water close by the fire at all time

  • Do not cut trees or branches within the park charges will apply

Garbage & Recycling

  • All wet garbage must be placed in bags and deposited in the garbage bins situated in the campground. It is prohibited to put loose or un-bagged garbage into the garbage bins.

  • When using the campground garbage bins or recyclable bins bottles (glass & plastic) must be deposited into the recycle bins.

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